Learning SQL - Basic Terms

Before we can go to school we need to know what some stuff means.


Structured Query Language, that's what you are going to learn.

It is pronounced 'Sequel' NOT 'ess queue ell' I have had some 'discussions' on various forums regarding the correct pronunciation. Well, guess what? This is MY website and you are a visitor and you WILL pronounce SQL as 'sequel' or you can leave now! Only joking! I don't really mind if you want to look like an amateur in discussions with 'real' database folks.


A computer file where we store our data


These are like the drawers in a filing cabinet, holding related bits of information

Relational Database

Lots of tables linked together by keys


Individual bits of information in a table ie: Name, Date Of Birth


A complete set of data for one record ie: one person

Throughout these lessons there is example code. Yellow boxed code can be executed, if you skip lessons then some code may be dependent on previous code.

This code could be run against your database

Grey boxed code is pseudo code

This code cannot be run without you doing some work to it

Pseudo code needs you to actually write the SQL or other language code, it basically shows the framework of the code.

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